Reconnect: Engagement learning and support is a Victorian Government Initiative being delivered by BGT and Federation University supporting young people between 15-24 who have left school early or who are long-term unemployed.  It is designed to prepare them for training and work.

Young people who leave school early often face multiple barriers to re-engaging in education and training or entering the workforce. Reconnect provides an individualised service to each eligible participant to help them get back on track, build resilience and the capacity needed to successfully transition into formal learning and employment in a sustainable way. 


Skills First Reconnect, delivered by Federation University extends their service to 25-64 year olds who haven't completed year 12, been unemployed for 12 months or more and are not currently enrolled in study or training. This support program is designed for people keen to explore study and training options or kick start a career but are unsure where to start. Participants will be provided with wrap-around supports helping to identify future goals, steps to work towards them, addressing any challenges and skill gaps, whilst building resilience and confidence to chase your dreams.


If you are interested in either of these programs, complete the details in the referral (click on the Create a Referral button).  Likewise, you can be referred by family, friends or relevant community agencies including schools.



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